Lunch Time

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Jake was taking 5 minutes to finish his coffee and read the paper on his lunch break when I felt a bit hungry as well. I had a cock wrapped in blond silk on my menu though. He did get to finish the paper, but only after I made him cover me with his cum.

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"Amazing video!"
"Samantha Snow is officially the unrivaled goddess of hairjobs!! Better yet, the one true goddess of porn PERIOD! All hail her royal gorgeous-ness!!"
"Love your long silky blonde hair, Excellent video! I loved to see this video and I am looking forward to the others. Samantha - you are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! "
"Crazy "
"The hairjob was sublime! One of the best I've ever seen"
"I never have gotten harder from a video. I never get through the video. I never though I would find a video so tantalizing with hair so wonderful. Samantha, never stop doing what you do. PLEASE!"
"the ending is just sublime!"
"Hav'nt bought it yet, but she's the hottest little Rapunzel! I love her."
"this video is so crazy "
"love it - wish it was me reading the paper and you were sucking my cock and played with your gorgeous thick soft long long golden hair arund him too - suching both hair and my cock into your hot mouth - cum all over your pretty face and hair and see you Lock my cum out of your silky hair gosh I wish i was you guy - and could be nice to you every day - and give your long hair conditioner often Kiss dear Samantha - love and adore you and your long hair Klaus Nielsen"
"Yes, I have bought this Video and it is worth every credit I spent. Samantha is blowing him up and uses everything Hand, finger, mouth and especially her nice Long blonde hair. Hair in mouth... wondeful."
"My personal favourite of all of Samantha's videos! What better way to relax than by having a gorgeous blonde wrapping her long locks around your cock? The best thing about this video is the hair-covered facial cumshot at the end. Samantha LOVES spunk and it is clear to see in this!"

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