Lovers Of Long Silky Hair

Welcome to LOLSH, my special little place for me to show off my long hair fetish.
My name is Samantha, and I am your sexy hostess with long blonde silky hair, and a desire to do very naughty things with it. In my little site you will find everything that I love about my hair, from videos and pictures of me having my hair brushed nice and straight, to wrapping my silky hair around a nice hard cock and giving hairjobs of pure pleasure and enjoying the cum suprise!

This is my latest long hair video

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LOLSH does not have a normal membership system like other sites. Instead we have a credit based system where you load your account with LOLSH credits, and then you spend the credits on the videos you like.
Once you have bought a video, you can download it over and over without being charged again. This way you only pay for what you want to see, and not have to pay another months subscription to see all the same content you saw last month all over again with just one or two new additions.

Right from the start as I was creating LOLSH I used my own fetish for my long hair and I also invited many people to tell me their fetishes. A lot of the pictures and videos are inspired from the many emails I got. I love reading them all, especially the really kinky ones. Sometimes they are so hot I just have to go and act them out and a lot of the time I end up with a lot of cum in my hair! I love to see glistening hot white cum in my silk, and to suck my hair clean after. If you love the kinky side to my long hair fetish, then you will love a lot of my pictures and videos. I do prefer the sexier side, and I can tell you Jake does to! Jake is the guy you will see fucking my hair, messing it up, keeping it straight, or with my hair wrapped around his cock as I give him a silken hairjob.

I also enjoy the more sensitive side. You will find lots with me trying different hair styles, and some of Jake brushing my hair so it is silken and smooth. I also have photo sets dedicated to various styles of buns, and different part in my hair.

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