100 Non Stop Strokes

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Video size: 640x480
File size: 139 mb
Run time: 10m 29s
Cost: 50 credits

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Video size: 320x240
File size: 17.3 mb
Run time: 10m 29s
Cost: 30 credits
100 full non stop strokes makes my hair just perfect.

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"Your hair brushing videos are the best of all time! I love how you have videos both SFW and NSFW, and it's all the more reason you deserve to be famous."
"your hair is so beautiful"
"This is so simple but so incredibly sexy. Samantha, you are so elegant, and I love the way you sweep your hair around with such ease. And the long brushing is spellbinding. More please!"
"Wow! Very sexy, Samantha. More like 101 strokes after that (if you know what I mean!). I wonder if you let your long hair dangle off the bed and your man gets to look at it while you have sex. Well, looks like its 102 now :-)"
"100 strokes! I kept losing count because Samantha got me so hot and distracted. I thought this was another (yes I have purchased more than one and you will too) very well made video. Samantha's golden mane is gracefully stroked 1,2,3.. crap I lost count again! Simply stunning Samantha as usual."

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