Blue Teddy PJs on Sofa

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We were both relaxing on the sofa and Jake wanted to give me a head massage, well he ended up giving me more than that! He takes my long mane and strokes himself to a near orgasm just before I help him then let him cum all over my hair covered face.

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"Oh Samanatha! You're the best! Your head in his lap at the beginning, your silky hair, your hungry mouth, and your hairjobual dominance... Jake must be honored to be with the one true hairjob goddess."
"Wow !"
"Love your long silky blonde hair, Excellent video! I loved to see this video and I am looking forward to the others. Samantha - you are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! "
"WOW ! Awesome Video. I Love The Beginning With Her Head In His Lap. My Ex-Wife Used To Let Me Play In Her Hair Like That. Follow That Up With A Gorgeous Face And Beautiful Hair Giving An Awesome Blowjob. Definitely Worth Every Credit..."
"No hair is better, thicker, softer than yours. "
"I like"
"relaxing hair during sleeping you surely enjoyed the head messeage.what a silky, straight.thick blonde hair just incredible i ever seen... #samantha"
"nice hair "
""This video is so hot ans sexy and is a must have for all long hair fetishers the way jake brushes your hair even while having sex makes it the best and i want a long hair wife exactly like the SWEET SAMANTTHA who would understand my long hair fetish" "Amazing""
"awesome video,wish we cud get more of these "
"So nice longhair"
"An other sexy hair job from my HAIR GODDESS Samantha it was wonderful to see jake give you a head massage and how your beautiful soft silky golden blonde hair changed his mind and he covers his cock with your silk.I have watched so many other long hair sites but they miss the spark that you look for and it feels like they just do it to earn money but my HAIR GODDESS Samantha is different from the rest she enjoys it so much and thats what makes me so horny at first i felt weird when i found out i had a long hair fetish but after seeing Samantha i am so glad that i have it"
"Perfect Awesome"
"amazing hairjob! love it!"
"this video is so fantastic "
"very good"
"I often think of how it would be like to sit in a sofa with a beautiful woman with gorgeous long hair and play with her hair in a nasty way - and in this video you show me excatly how nasty and wonderful erotic and sexy it could be - imagen I fuck your long hair - see your play with your thick soft golden main and my cock - and finaly get my cum all over your lovely hair. stunning sexy and hot. Klaus Nielsen"
"This is the first hairjob video that Samantha ever did on her website, and WOW does it set the tone!! Absolutely mind-blowing - and the best thing about it is that Samantha genuinely gets off on having her hair wrapped around a cock! Samantha - you are the very best! VV x"
"I ove it all that I want"

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