Tumbling buns!!

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Run time: 7m 5s
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Watch me as I tie my hair up into a bun, then let it slowly cascade down my back. I then do the same again, but this time you get to be underneath as it falls back down into your face. Lots of hair flicks and head shakes.

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"Great video"
"Wish my face had really been at the camera's place. LOVED IT SO MUCH."
"wow looking for load cumshot on her huge hair bun all over her hair."
"Beautiful "
"good videos"
"wow...what a huge bun..i just love it"
"Those buns are huge. "
"A great showing of Samantha's hair.. both up and down. I especially liked the part near the end when her hair is released from a bun and cascades down onto the camera lens. Super sexy!"
"Awesome Video"

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