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Hot water, soapy suds, and long silken hair. The perfect recipe for a shower!

Join me in my shower for some hot bubbly fun. Watch how I take care of my locks making sure everything stays squeaky clean. The camera gets up close and personal, and even right into my hair as I wash it. You might need to put on a shower cap yourself!

My shower starts with me letting down my bun in glorious slow motion with some slow hair flicks to shake out any tangles. I then spend a long time making sure my hair is fully soaked through before applying a VERY generous amount of shampoo. There are bubbles cascading down my locks left right and center.

After another good rinsing I got my my favorite part, the conditioner. I love this part of my shower because it makes my hair very slippery and shiny. I also know a good conditioner makes my hair super soft afterwards. After I have had a lot of fun with my slippery hair I put on a shower cap and let it sit for a while, then one last chance to watch the water soak through my hair as I rinse again.

I love my showers, and I hope you do to!

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"That was very erotic. I would like to see another one like this showing your full body and a nice thick shampoo. You do have beautiful hairit would be great to your face too "
"also it would be good to see your face more "
"I would not wind to see you do a bath hair wash or even in the sink. It would be good to see you do more hair wash videos. "
"You definitely shampoo it beautifully. "
"I Would have been nice to see you face more, nonetheless the lathering and hair washing was beautiful. I enjoyed."
"Very beatiful."
"Very beautiful "
"I wish i can let down your hair.."
"It was amazing !"
"I like to see the longhair woman washing her mane, especially like to enjoy Samantha's floor length hair to be washed. Samantha's wet hair is more beautiful than normal condition. A lot of long hair mixed shampoo all cover the body of samantha, splendid!"
"Water, water everywhere! Lots of shampoo, conditioner, and oh yeah... HAIR. I especially like the parts showing Samantha's full length (about to the floor!). It's no wonder that Samantha's hair is in such great shape. It's treated with much TLC. The only down side must be the water bill... "
"Ahhhhhh......this is what I've been waiting for Samantha <3 Thank for uploading this video. Waiting for more :)"

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Showered long hair video sample