and Cut!

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Everyone needs a trim every now and again, and no matter how much I hate it I have to get a trim too. Jake is no hairdresser, but he is the only one I trust to put scissors to locks.

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"your hair is so beautiful! I hope it grows to the floor and beyond!"
"I wish I can trim your hair too"
"If you are ever in Australia, I hope you'd trust me to put scissors into your sexy locks!"
"I was a little dissapointed. I would have liked to see a bit of interaction from Samantha. i.e "Now be carefull, what are my intructions, etc. Your hair is beautifull, and I look forward to more video's"
"I really love the way that Samantha's hair is getting even longer and how she truly shows the sexiness of her hair. I really hope that she makes even more videos really soon. I would love to see her doing a video swimming somewhere just to see the effect her hair has in the water."
"Thing of Beauty...Joy for ever"
"beautifulll hairrr"
"Perhaps you should cut two or three inches more for a healthy look of your mane even it is hard to see Jake snipping it off and falling down to the floor. But I am shure it will look even better than now ;-)"
"For the women with long hair, it is necessery to trim the tail of hair regularly so as to develop long hair more healthy. Although I support Samantha's action of trimming longhair, but I still feel sorry for losing the lengh of her beautiful long hair."
"Womens hair must be healthy. That is why a women must trimm sometimes her hair."
"Beautiful long hair"
"To cut, or not to cut, that is the question. Even though I believe it to be a tragedy when a long-haired woman gets her hair all shorn off as is popular all over youtube, there are times when maitenance is needed. Here, one can see how lovingly (and carefully) Samantha's hair is trimmed. It still tugs at my heart when my own girlfriend loses any length, alas, at times it is needed."

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