Sleeping Beauty

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I was taking an afternoon nap, as all Princesses should, when Jake came in to check on me. When he saw my blonde hair glistening in the sun he decided to take advantage of the situation and use his iPod to film a few personal clips for himself. I think he must have take advantage in other ways as well, but for that I am going to have to watch the video!

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"Damn he is such a lucky guy "
"Soo much hair i wanna get burried in it"
"Excellent video....."
"Every long hair fetish lover's dream come true.. The way Jake unbraids Samantha's hair and fondles with it and films/shoots in between.. Damn horny and sexy it is.. I wish there will be a video with multiple people cuming on your hair Samantha :-)"
"This is without a doubt one of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. Samantha's hair has no equal and I hope she continues to do this forever because I seriously can't get enough of her long blonde silly locks"
"All pictures in this video was very clear. How a beautiful senery in this video-Samantha was sleeping while her golden long braid spreading over the bed. Jake has filmed several clips by iPhone, which was better than video. Keeping and seeing this video are neccesary for long hair lover."
"sexy <3 "
"beautiful one"
"WOW sweet and sexy!!!!"
"Wahoo amazing "
"Sleep well Sam....don't ever let the cum bother Stay sleep....I'll wash clean your hair for you ;) "
"Sleeping next to you would be a dream come true."

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Sleeping Beauty long hair video sample