Stop and Stair

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While I was coming down to go out, Jake stopped me half way on the stairs. He wanted to check and make sure I looked my best. What he saw he liked, maybe a little too much! When I saw how much he liked what he saw, I just had to give him soft, silky hair job, Then he turned me over and fucked me hard from behind, pulling my hair as he pushed deeper. He even brushed my hair as he fucked me. In the end it was all too much for him and I asked him to cum all over my silky hair that covered my body.

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"So hot"
"She is Verry verry Beautiful, she have teh Magic super longhair!"
"so hot"
"Probably my favorite of all, lovely long silky hair, erotic and excellent filming."
"I love Samantha and this video.Your beautiful longhair is very sexy.In particular, Doggy style hair flowing to the ass is the best!I want to see more videos like this!Thanks for this amazing video!"
"Lovely ! Contact me if you ever need anything xxxx"
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"I love your hair so long and silky!"
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"I began to worship you now Samantha you are my HAIR GODDESS i cant help but watch every video of yours again and again and this video is so sexy and it made me too horny to watch you ass fucked by a huge cock and watching you enjoying those hard fucks omg i was in cloud nine"
"I wish you were making more videos. I miss you."
"love the video. samantha's expressions are amazing. The hairbrushing session on the stairs followed by the blowjob are straight out of my fantasy. love you samantha n jake for taking care of long hair lovers"
"Amazing. Perfect. "
"Love u "
"Todos videos sao perfeitos"
"I do wish that I would like to spend my spare times with such a beautiful stunning lady with longhair like you, Samantha. I DO WISH and looking forward to fulfill that dream come true.. LOVE J aka MtK <3"
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"the doggy style was amazing :)"
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"What could be hotter than such a sexy Blonde? Great video.."
"hi this is kushal i love your hair ,and this is the only site were i full fill my desire of long hair play."
"very seksy video"
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"someday ......somewhere ............ with some one i wanna do like that ...... :)"
"uhm I wish it was me meeting you at the stairs - stop you and begin brushing and playing with your wonderful and beautiful healty long long hair - take you Down and command you to suck my cock and use your long hair for sexy hairplay it soon ends up in hot sex where I fuck you from behind and pull your soft hair so you realy can feel me Deep inside you hot sweet pussy (or butt :-)) ) until we both come hard gosh it would be wonderful to have such a long hair to play with and be nice to you love you dear Samantha Klaus Nielsen"
"Samantha, Your man is so lucky man."
"The man holding samanta's hair and fucking from back is too hot man like doggy style .."
"so sexy hair dear ,your husband is such a luky one that he got you."

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