Sprung A Leak!

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Video size: 640x480
File size: 110 mb
Run time: 7m 45s
Cost: 40 credits

Small Version

Video size: 320x240
File size: 12.8 mb
Run time: 7m 45s
Cost: 24 credits
Watch me as I play under a leaky pipe. See my hair slowly change colour as the water makes my hair wetter and wetter until it is completely soaked.

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"Love your long silky blonde hair, Excellent video! I loved to see this video and I am looking forward to the others. Samantha - you are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! "
"amazing "
"Lots of hair!!! In this video it's just above floor length. Starting as dry (showing full length as I like) then progressively getting wet. Various camera angles provide a FULL account of Samantha's shower. She lathers up, then rinses out, always being careful to not generate tangles. "
"This Video Shows Samantha's Long blonde mane getting wet from top to bottom and the water runs down her head and her hair slowly till everything is completely wet. Very nice waterfall of hair."
"never seen such wonderful hair...just luving it...."

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