A Video With Many Parts

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File size: 300 mb
Run time: 21m 03s
Cost: 105 credits

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Run time: 21m 03s
Cost: 63 credits
Watch me as I make many different parts in different directions on my head. I brush, comb, and shake my hair out before I do each one. Jake zooms right in so you are inches away from my parted hair!

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"I saw your video somewhere else other then this video... i just want to fuck you with your hair over your face.. its that sexyy"
"Love u"
"Samantha is as fabulous as ever in this video. She showcases the creativity she has in making different parts and different styles. The pig-tail section is very sexy. Great lighting and attention to detail as Samantha's glorious locks are displayed."
"I really love very close up shot size...it shows the details and arouse me so much :)"

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