Ponytail Ride

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Run time: 16m 52s
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Jake starts with a nice back rub for me, but soon grabs a load of my hair an fills his pants with it. When I see what he has done I give him a helping hand and I soon have his cock wrapped up in my silk. I then open my ponytail so he can slide his cock in.

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"I saw this some time ago, and I say it's one of my favorite videos of all time! As if hairjobs weren't already my favorite "job" already... This is the best!! Keep them up Goddess Samantha!"
"damn "
"One of the best hair jobs"
"damn so hot!"
"Awesome !!"
"Love your long silky blonde hair, Excellent video! I loved to see this video and I am looking forward to the others. Samantha - you are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! "
"I've came too many times while watching this video"
"Awesome video. I wish that more like this one can be made very soon."
"That was awesome. I cannot believe Jake's staying power. That was so sensual and believeable. The pony tail fucking was amazing. Samantha, you give the most amazing hairjobs. Wow. Thankyou."
"So gorgeous Beautiful i am speechless You are my dream girl Now i have a dream to touch your hair just masturbating after watching your pictures no offense i am telling because i am wholly in love with your long silky hair Amazing hair job"
"Perfect nuss"
"beautiful pony i want to slide my cock"
"Very lucky guys with very horny longhair. I like that"
"So awesome, Wish I could ride the Ponytails. The guy is really lucky. I cant believe that there is a video out there with my fantasy. I used to masterbate to the fantasy where i could ride someones ponytail. "
"that head manipulation is sexy :)"
"The name of this hair job video is an innovation.It is different from other names of videoes, such as Bun-ride, braides-ride and so on. Perhaps to chang the name "ponytail ride" into "ponytail rider" is much better."
"it is so hot to see your lay there at the bed and could take all that thick soft long long golden hair into my lab and feel yours hairs soft beauty to my cock - is so incredibel hot to see your long hair get fucked true your wonderful pony - and love how much cum you get into all that golden beautiful hair I so much wish it was my fuckening all that long hair - see you enjoy the cum in your hair as sexy hot conditioner - wish I could help you wash your long hair - sure it would end in hot sexy fucking kiss Klaus Nielsen"
"This I've been meaning to get, I've seen a couple of previews, but I want the whole thing ;-; This Is Awesome (*-*)"

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