Turbo Hairdryer

Large Version

Video size: 640x480
File size: 156 mb
Run time: 10m 59s
Cost: 60 credits

Small Version

Video size: 320x240
File size: 18.2 mb
Run time: 10m 59s
Cost: 36 credits
With a few tweaks of a screwdriver we make a normal hair dryer into a Turbo hairdryer! My hair flutters around defenseless to its powerful winds.

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"Always amazing! A joy for me to see, a dream to be on your side while your hair is flying! I thank you to share thesse moments with us. I hope to see more of you and your gorgeous hair! "
"Luscious, flying, cascading blonde hair! Samantha's hair in motion is hypnotizing. Many angles are shown, with her hair almost flying right into your living room. The length is fabulous, and the condition is great. I wanted to be the brush! "

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