Braided HairJob

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Jake was relaxing watching TV on the sofa. That was until I came to tease him with my braids. I make him open his mouth and take one whole braid nearly to my scalp, then I wrap his cock and balls up in my braid and make him cum in my hair filled mouth.

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"Wow such a nice video, amazing wonderful nice, awesome, this is my 1st video to watch this , it's completely different content hope we will get more contents like thisyou are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! ""
"You really have beautiful hair "
"Love your long silky blonde hair, Excellent video! I loved to see this video and I am looking forward to the others. Samantha - you are the very best! Please, Samantha, give us more of these! "
"I like your long braid very much. It is like heaven on earth."
"I love this woman more than you can know. When I came across her Hair Job video clip on a tube site it was purely by accident and from that point I wanted more and more. So much so that I am prepared to spend money downloading her clips as a member than waste time trying to find them for free. Thank you for providing clips of your beautiful Hair, Face and body. xxx"
"I really like it..i want to hairjob with you"
"I like it"
"I like ur hair.. I love u"
"i am a huge fan of braid and this is the best braid job video i have ever seen the way Sam wraps her beautiful braids around his hard cock and strokes it to orgasm was a long hair fetishers dream come true"
"Omg love ur videos "
"Super nice video"
"Thia is probably the best one that i downloaded. So hot... Love the brided pigtails... wish there was more hair play... or wish he would hold your head while you sucked him off. But nonethless it was still amazing. Ty "
"sexy long braids. so wow!"
"I wish I could wake up and end up having hot sexy hairplay with your long long merge - feel your merge around my cock and feel you playing with your hair up and Down my cock and let my cum in your merge - see you take hair and cum into your mouth and suck my cum out of your amazing hair Klaus Nielsen is loving your hair and cum in your hair"
"This is so aroused me!!!!! To see you put all those hair in Jake,s were naught Samantha :) Can I feel your braid too?lol"
"This is one of my favorite videos. I can't believe how lucky and how much of your silken hair that guy took in his mouth. I would love to lie on the couch with you like that."

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