Brushing Before Bed

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Come and watch Jake brush my hair with a few of my favorite brushes for over 30 minutes, getting it all nice and straight ready for bed.

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"Most relaxing hair brushing video I’ve ever watched!! She looked like she was really enjoying having the MANE being brushed out. Really liked how you started from the back and worked your way to the front covering her eyes then started brushing it all in front of her face. ud83eudd75 Nice touch! Wonder how long it would take to curl all that hair! Would be cool to see a video of that. "
"Such an amazing video! Especially when we see those close ups of those divine tresses. Samantha, your hair is the mane of a goddess, and you truly know how to please us viewers with it both sexually and clean."
"So soft so silky. I think I can do all day with Samantha's hair. I can brush her hair all day long until all very silky. But a little naugty act will be okey too. What do you think Sam?"
"The video was very sensual and relaxing to watch"
"what a cracker"
"very long hair "
"The best hair brushing vodeo on the internet. So awesome... It was amazing. Wish there was more of the hair holding and pulling that is there towards the end of the video... It was still marvelous. "
"I want all hairjob vedio"
"Samantha's beautiful mane is brushed and cared for prior to bed time. The outfit she wears is very appealing. One can almost hear the exquisite sound of the brush going through her stunning tresses! Although not as long as current floor-length, I could still not keep my eyes off her silken hair (just one of Samantha's wonderful qualities!)"
"This is a great video! Very sexy, yet not too naughty. I've always loved to brush women's long hair, and by watching this, one can do it vicariously. I was my former fiancee's thigh length "hair slave", and again, one can get as close to actual brushing with this video as one can get without a brush in the hand."

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