Brushing hair before going out.

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I was waiting for a girlfriend to come and take me out for some lunch, and I had a little time before I had to go so I thought I would spend a little time making sure that my hair would get lots of attention before I went.

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"Oh Samantha, queen of blonde hairjobs, this video is spectacular! I felt like you were pouring your hair onto me towards the end! Well done your majesty."
"Better resolution please"
"Hi like it long hair"
"oh its great"
"i like it"
"i love you hair i omg woooooooooooooooooooow nice i like to be slave for your hair plase "
"beautiful long hair"
"Great brushing sequences! Slightly naughty and as always, erotic, Samantha puts here fantastic mane through its paces. One can always note how careful she is with her locks.. not brushing without proper technique. Anyone with a long-haired female in their life can take note as to how brushing is done, and any male who loves long, fabulous tresses will surely enjoy thoroughly!"
"I would love to brush it whenever you want to go anywhere <3 :)"
"Such elegance and grace in the simplest things you do! Such a pleasure to just watch you move. Great video quality too---almost high-resolution! If only I could be there to help you brush...................."

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