The Sauna

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After a trip down the gym Jake and I popped into the local sauna. We had got down there late so only a few people remained which was lucky because once Jake got a smell of my Tutti-Fruity shampoo we both got a little excited!

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"Oh oh Super ok !!!!!!!!!!!"
"amazing video"
"Wow really hot"
"I love long haired woman. Sexy Goddesses "
"This video is so hot ans sexy and is a must have for all long hair fetishers the way jake brushes your hair even while having sex makes it the best and i want a long hair wife exactly like the SWEET SAMANTTHA who would understand my long hair fetish"
"very beautiful!"
"Simply amazing, as usual the beauty in you and especially your long flowing hair shines through. Love watching you and really wish I could be able to run my fingers through your hair."
"So awesome... Wish i could be in the sona with you "
"As soon as she enters and lets her hair down all bets are off. Just the thought of being able to feel her hair while having sex is enough to bring even the strongest men down to their knees."
"it's awesome"
"The Sauna is an exciting video in which samantha and jake do the hairplay, hairjob and intercourse.The most exciting situation was that the golden hair of samantha was being pulled while she was being inserted by a lucky man from behind."
"This Video always makes me feel so good. Sam's hair is being brushed while being treated from behind. Later she turns round and does what you had wished before. I only wish it were longer."
"best video you have done till date. Can you do a similar one with wet hair/shower?"
"its awwwwwsome ......."
"to me it is not nessecery to go into a sauna to be hot in your Company - but i would love to be there with you and have hot sexy hairfuck and hair play with you -- nothing is more hot and erotic sexy that imagen have hot hairplay and hairsexy with your thick soft long long golden healty hair Samtantha Love that your like it so much and wish I was your Lucky guy Klaus Nielsen sent you lot of warm kisses "
"This Video always makes me cum. Sam's hair is being brushed while being treated from behind. Later she turns round and does what you had wished before. Blowing it up with hair covering the face and ... cumming :-)"
"Beatifull hair "

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The Sauna long hair video sample