LOLSH Credits

LOLSH does not have a membership subscription, instead you load your account with LOLSH credits, and spend those on my videos.

My very trusted payment processor is Zombaio and I have been using them for years without any problems. Sometime they can be a little over protective towards me, but that is because they don't want fradulant payments going through on LOLSH. If you find that you are being declined, double check that everything you enter is correct and try again. If you still get problems, send us a note and I will get Jake to help you out.

Below is the table for the credits. You more you buy the more extra bonus credits you get. I feel it is only right that you should get a little extra if you buy a little more.
Total Credits Cost Included Bonus Credits  
90 $10 - Register / Login
250 $25 25 Register / Login
560 $50 110 Register / Login
880 $75 205 Register / Login
1200 $100 300 Register / Login

Which ever LOLSH package you decide on your credits will never expire. They will only go down as you spend them on my videos. If you have any trouble what so ever, just pass me a note or come and find me on Facebook and I will get things sorted out straight away.