Cum Play In My Hair

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Come play in my hair? or do you want to see cum play, in my hair? Either way you can watch as Jake brushes my hair perfectly straight, then wrap me up in my hair while I lay on the bed. When he has me how he wants me he takes out his cock and uses my silky tresses to pleasure himself. I then fill my mouth with my hair and give him a silky hair job which makes him come all over my face. You can hear me as I suck the cum from my hair.

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"This is beautifull"
"Sehr hesses Video. Ich liebe es, wie du dein vollgespritztes Haar mit Schwanz in den Mund nimmst! Einfach ein hammergeiles Video!!!! "
"long sexy hair :)"
"That was awesome! It's very hot and nice video... I really like it!"
"sexy hair"
"I would love to spend hours brushing your long long thick soft golden healty hair - smell, rub and play with it. I would be so horney and want to fuck your long hair and feel it around my cock - and love to see your pretty face covered in hair and you letting me cum all over your pretty face and hair - see you lick my cum I would be more horney and we would have hot sex too love you dear Samantha Klaus Nielsen"
"This is a must have for all hair lovers. Lot of brushing and hair over her Body and in mouth till all that explodes and cums out on her golden hair. I love the messy hair and the Play with it."
"wooooow I liked"
"This video was so hot!!! I want to put my cock in your cum filled hair and make make you lick it clean. I really love your videos and your long blonde Hair. I would love to sit by the fire rubbing and playing (nasty) with your incredible beautiful thick soft long long golden mane of hair - you are stunning hot sexy and very beautiful"
"this one is my fav, because you cum your hair in your mouth!! well,, it's very rare for me to find some similar to this site,, especially when someone cum her hair... oh your husband is the most lucky person in this world... I'm very jealous of him..."
"Dear Team.....very nice videos....and photos.....i request you that every update kindly let me know new and new updates from you.....pls send the mail us. Kamal"
"Sublime tenderness leading to hot passion! It could only be better if we could see you in naked splendor. Don't be shy! We would love to see ALL of your beauty!"
"I want to put my cock in your cum filled hair and make make you lick it clean."
"I really love your videos and your long blonde Hair. This is my favorite one because you put your Hair in your mouth after he cums in it. I would like to see more of that"

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